Diary Of A Busker Day 341

Diary Of A Busker Day 341 Wednesday March 20th 2013 Winchester High Street 1. Corner of Monsoon. Time: 12:29-1:29pm 2. Opposite Oxfam. Time: 1:59-3:10pm 3. Opposite Bellis. Time: 4:24-5:07pm

It’s twenty minutes before I get my first coins, making a grand total of 15 pence. And that’s after no less than FIVE songs; even Albatross fails, which is very depressing. After one hour I’ve got about ¬£8, but I might have got a wedding drinks party gig out of it. A woman asked for my card – it’s her daughter’s wedding. We’ll see; I’ve noticed it’s very rare I hear back from anyone I give my card to, but you never know. Speaking of drinks parties, during my second spot, Roger and Linda – whose 60th I played at last year, stopped by for a chat about the cold and how my hands are. So I tell them – ‘They’re OK, I was down the street earlier and did an hour, which was OK, you know – it’s been really cold the last few weeks (five months, actually)…if it’s below 5 degrees, I usually have to stop after 15 or 20 minutes, although if the wind’s not too bad, I can carry on.’ – and I DO carry on; ranting, that is. At the end of my rant, Roger says ‘OK, well, good to see you…bye!’ and they’re off pretty sharpish. I bet he won’t do that again; ask me how my hands are!

Later on at the same place, someone stops who hasn’t stopped for ages – Anthony. And he’s onto the same, weird, doom-laden thing he was going on about that day last summer at the corner of Marks & Spencer. Or was it the summer before? ‘…the resurrection…the Vatican and Berlin coming together again like they did the last two times.’ ‘What’s that, Anthony?’ ‘The Vatican and the Nazis. That’s why there’s so many in Argentina.’ ‘Ah, I thought that was because of Eva Peron and her husband – they made a lot of dough out of getting them all out of Europe, to Argentina.’ ‘Yes, well, it’s happening again – the prophecy, for a third war.’ ‘A third war?’ ‘Yes, a third world war.’ ‘Oh my goodness, I hope that doesn’t happen again.’ ‘It will’ and with that, he’s off. Next time I see him I must remember to ask if there’s been any developments in his internet search for a beautiful young Russian wife.

On my last set, talented draughtsman and local architectural consultant¬† Andrew Rutter drops by, to tell me of his impending hip operation (on Saturday). ‘That’ll be good, then you won’t have to use your cane anymore.’

Earnings: £29.14

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