Diary Of A Busker Day 352

Diary Of A Busker Day 352 Tuesday April 9th 2013 Winchester High Street 1. Opposite Bellis. Time: 1::32-3:32pm 2. Opposite Vodafone. Time: 4:30-5:45pm

Although I intended to do just an hour spot, as usual I ended up doing more – twice as more in this case, although it certainly wasn’t because I was having a good session, money-wise, because it wasn’t. I took about £14, which is well below the usual rate. A nice moment was when a man, Barry (not the Barry who collapsed, drunk and bleeding), came over from the bench he was sitting on, put in a pound then stood by me, waiting for me to finish a song. I can’t remember what I was playing but I decided that I’d play Albatross next. Anyway, I’d finished whatever it was and was about to go into Albatross when he said ‘Could you play Albatross?’ I told him I couldn’t believe it; that’s the one I was going to do! So, of course I played it and afterwards, well, he liked it so much he gave me another pound, saying ‘That’s great, I think that’s worth another pound, and keep playing, you bring so much joy.’ SO MUCH JOY! Well ain’t that nice, I thought. And I DID thank him for the compliment, especially as I’m still smarting somewhat from the other day; The Day Of 7p After 45 Minutes Hard Graft.

At 8.5 degrees, the temperature’s not too bad and the wind is OK, but even so, after the two hours my fingers are purple. I take refuge in the usual place of refuge, namely the Waterstones shop in the Brooks Centre, and read a couple of pages from a new edition of George Orwell’s Down And Out In London And Paris; the bit at the beginning where he describes some of the characters in the place where he’s holed-up. There was a ragged, dwarfish couple who sold cards, sealed in packets, as pornographic ones but they were actually photographs of chateau on the Loire – something the buyers wouldn’t discover until it was too late and of course none of them ever came back to complain. And this couple apparently hadn’t taken their clothes off for four years. They could give some of the drongos around here a run for their money.

Earnings: £28.66

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