Diary Of A Busker Day 583

Diary Of A Busker Day 583 Wednesday July 2nd 2014 Winchester (1. Opposite Gieves & Hawkes, Time: 2:30-3:25pm, 2. Opposite Vodafone, Time: 3:35-5:45pm).

Another fine, sunny day…but I’m offended, yet again. This time, by that rough old ex-whore (because I’m sure she was one). During The Third Man, she comes out from the cathedral grounds, accompanied by two Drongos, and while walking past, says, ‘Can we have something new?’ Who the hell is she, to say that? It makes my blood boil! I sort of recovered almost straight away, though, because an old guy comes up and says, ‘That’s my favourite song!’, which is great. I love it when someone does that, right on cue. Unfortunately, he doesn’t contribute – ‘I haven’t got any money, but I might have after my dentist appointment. If I see you, I’ll give you something then’. Will I see him again?…and will he remember what he said?

Anyway, what to do about the whore…I reckon I should go up and say, ‘Have you ever learnt an instrument? That is, apart from the blue-veined piccolo’. Something like that. Or maybe it’s best if, when I see her again, I stop whatever it is I’m playing, and go into The Third Man, as she seems to like that one. But turn the volume right up – maybe that would be better. People of her ilk: cowards! She wouldn’t have said that if she was on her own. God, she’s rough – I wouldn’t pay 5p for it. I give it 55 minutes, then leave. The money was well below the average.

The good thing about having the bike is I can get down to Oxfam, via the parallel road to the High Street, in about 30 seconds. And if I don’t like the look of it, I can get back to the main drag, as it were, via the one-way system bit of the High Street and the other road, the one that goes by Sainsbury’s. So it takes no time at all, which is what I do.

At Vodafone, there are millions of foreign language students, and two are really generous: I’m handed two £5 notes! The first was from a girl who, after her group pass me, comes back, gives me the note, then puts her fingers to her mouth, like ‘Don’t tell anyone’. Then, during the 5th Gnossienne, an Italian boy, standing with his group to my left, does the same – so making the Gnossienne Song Of The Day. ‘Nice song’, he says.

I also managed to sell a CD to a couple, mid 60’s I reckon, from Holland. They came up after Albatross and asked if it was The Doors, and when I corrected them, they asked to look at the CD to see what else was on. They then asked about some of the songs, so everytime they said a song name: La Vie En Rose, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, I’d play a few bars. I suddenly realised, after a couple of minutes, that I’d done the first bars of more than half the songs. I said, ‘You won’t need the CD now, I’ve just played most of it!’, and oh how we larfed…

Apart from the CD, they also got, free of charge, the best part of my Focal Dystonia Lecture. I can’t remember how I came to talk about it…possible because I hadn’t brought it up for awhile, and they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time…or the right place at the wrong time(?) Following the lecture, the husband remarked that Django Reinhardt played with only two fingers, and he does the V sign at me, which really made me laugh! I think he saw the funny side of it, and joined in with the larfing.

Scouser Mick stopped to listen to whatever I was doing. At the end, I told him I’d been doing Wonderful Land alot: at least once, every time I’ve been out here – I thanked him again for mentioning it. I was quite eager to show him how, after all the practise, I’d improved the playing. So I did it and he was well impressed, which was a relief, as he didn’t seem impressed at all, the first time I played it to him. So I felt I’d redeemed myself, somewhat. He brought up another Shadows one – Foot Tapper, that he thought I could learn. I said I’d ‘look into it’.

Apart from the two £5 notes and the CD sale, the takings were £21.31p, and that’s for 3 hours. So almost half the money came from three (or four, if you count the couple as two) foreigners.

Earnings: £38.81p

Note: I’ve solved the problem of the coinage spilling out of the gigbag. I’ve bought a small camera case from the pound shop, which I now put the money in after every session, and I put that in the top pocket of the gigbag.

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