Diary Of A Busker Day 594

Diary Of A Busker Day 594 Friday July 18th 2014 Romsey (Romsey Market, Time: 10:15-12:25pm).

I decided to do what Bertie said, and get out of town for a few hours: get back to Romsey where I haven’t been for ages…

On arrival at Romsey Market, I said hello to Bertie and his mate, who also has a stall – he has one in Winchester, as well – I see him there all the time. Bertie said I might want to set up near him, in between his stall and the road, but I decided against that as I’d be practically in the road and there isn’t a curb and someone in a car could easily bump me off!

I started with Albatross, after which a young bloke who sells eggs opposite – he has a T-shirt that says EGGMAN – shouted out, ‘We’ve missed you!’ I was quite nervous today, probably as I hadn’t been here for so long, and messed up a couple of things: When I’m Sixty-Four – which should be easy, and The Rain Song – I just couldn’t remember one bit. I had to stop altogether, after trying 3 times, and tune up to normal tuning. All that effort tuning down and I mess it up!

I sold 2 CDs, though, and for the, by now usual £8 reduced from £9, and both buyers were old guys. The second guy was telling me he still sleeps in the room he was born in, and he’s lived here all his life. After the chat, he went off but came back 5 minutes later to ask if I’d had lunch. If I hadn’t, then he could give me some at his house which was nearby! I thanked him but said I wasn’t having my usual lunch break (in front of the Abbey) as I was going to play right through, which was true.

There were a couple of 5 minute breaks, one of which I spent talking to this old guy, and they were long enough for me to ‘recoup’ and start up again, without taking half an hour off in between 2 hour-long sets. In fact, at the halfway mark, Bertie put a cup of coffee and 2 biscuits next to me, and also some coinage – I’m not sure if it was his way of saying ‘take a break’! Anyway, for him, I’d re-learnt The Sweeney Theme, which I’d been doing for a couple of hours last night at home. So I did that for him twice – not too loudly as it’s all over the place. I need to rehearse it a bit more! But I did the easiest bit – the intro – on it’s own a few more times.

I also did Danny Boy, which was OK, especially considering my somewhat fragile mental state. At the end, I packed up, went over to say goodbye to Bertie, and told him about the old guy who asked if I wanted to go to his place for lunch. Bertie – who thinks and speaks really quickly, and who’s quite a comic (or thinks he is) said, ‘You can look at it two ways. Either he’s got loads of all the best guitars in the world and he’ll let you have a play on them all…and give you lunch and a plectrum or pick, or he’ll fuck you up the arse’. Oh yes, it was good to get out of Winchester. I’ll have to come back soon.

There was unfortunately, one offender. A bloke walked by with his girlfriend, and he was holding a £20 note which he lowered as if to put it in the bucket, but then lifted his arm and carried on. A dick.

Earnings: £41.90p – £6.30p (bus) = £35.30p (Including 2 CDs) profit.


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