Diary Of A Busker Day 668

Diary Of A Busker Day 668 Wednesday November 12th 2014 Winchester (Opposite The Body Shop, Time: 2:51-4:23pm).

Rain, and the young, light-haired bloke was in the shelter of The Pentice, right near The Butter Cross, so I did the same thing but down at the other end of it, although it was rather too close to Timpsons, I fear…but, sod it, I’m not packing up the minute it starts raining, if I can get undercover. I can still hear the other guy but I forget about that once I start up. In fact, just before starting up, I see Delia come out of the building society across the road. And you know what? Even though I haven’t seen her in awhile, I don’t shout over to her, because I don’t want her to give me her pound. She can’t have much money and for once the situation is in my control. Anyway, it’s Wednesday – she’s not supposed to be in town!

AA Dave comes up from his spot near Vodafone and says ‘So you’ve brought the rain with you’, then shakes my hand. Why’s he so friendly? Maybe he hasn’t talked to anyone for 7 hours. But do I feel sorry for him? Not a bit, not after saying I should ‘get a life’ because I keep a photo album! Not long after I start, it starts raining a bit heavier so I pull the stuff in undercover. Then a college student asks if he can take some photos. I say he can…and that he’s welcome to donate a pound – why not? He takes alot of photos: he’s moving around me for quite awhile.

That weird bloke who keeps watching my tapping feet, walked by and kept looking back. This cracks me up and I have to turn my head the other way as I don’t want him to see me laughing. It must be a mental condition (what HE’S got, not me laughing)

Phillip comes by. I haven’t seen him for awhile. He says he had a go at Killing Me Softly on the young guy’s guitar up the road a bit earlier, and said he could barely remember how to play. He looked tired…and after an hour and a half I was getting cold – the hands, that is – and the guitar was getting more water on it. I should have moved back further, and apart from the guitar, all the coins were wet – and they were still wet when I dumped them out of the camera bag at home. Thirteen quid: enough for a round of drinks in the Norwegian Jade’s crew bar! – next week, away from the rain…

Earnings: £13.05p

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