Diary Of A Busker Day 709

Diary Of A Busker Day 709 Tuesday March 24th 2015 Winchester (Opposite The Body Shop, Time: 3:47-4:45pm).

Temperature: 6 degrees, wind: 14mph

I left the house inbetween showers, or hail, actually. That’s how cold it was. I thought it would be OK for a bit, then noticed a huge grey cloud miles away but moving in, so I decided I’d have to try The Pentice, hoping there was no one there…and there wasn’t. The minute I started to set up, it started, then an old guy gave a pound – that was before I started playing. Then, just after starting the first song, Windy & Warm, a man handing out leaflets comes over and asks if he can film me for a video. He’ll give me a pound he says, so I say sure.

So he crouches down next to me and films both of us for ten seconds and that’s it. I say ‘That wasn’t very long’, and he says it’s only got to be a few seconds, for a snap chat thing on his phone. People who know him can see the video for a mere few seconds. He shows me some other ones he did – ‘Here’s some random pretty girls…I don’t know them…and here’s a guy who was up there earlier’, it’s a young strummer at The Butter Cross. He shows me the film of us, it’s not more than THREE seconds long. Oh well, fair enough. Rather pointless if you ask me!

Then, across the road, it’s Mick, who I haven’t seen for awhile. He does the usual: makes the motion of hammering on the vibrato arm, like when I do it on Apache (haven’t done that one for months), then he goes into Santander, across the road…when he comes out, I was finishing up Borsalino so I put some totally unnecessary exaggerated vibrato on the last chord, which amused him. Then he came over and I couldn’t remember his name – ‘Alright…um, Mick, isn’t it?’ He said ‘yeah…Hank?’ The sod. Fair enough.

Mick started going on about Kashmir (Led Zeppelin) and how it’s in different time signatures: 5/4 and another one, then how the Bond interval (B, C, C#, C) is used in loads of things. Then, while we’re talking, a woman comes up, donates and compliments me – ‘It’s wonderful coming up the street and hearing you, like a ray of sunshine…’ She then reels off a load of poetry! As she walks off, Mick says a couple of lines so I ask if he knows what she was on about. He doesn’t. That’s why I thought he started up! After a bit more chat, Mick says he’s off to Sainsbury’s and the bargain counter. 4:20 must be the right time for it, I say. The rain/hail starts up again, stops then starts again. By the end (I give up after an hour) the hands a re pretty cold and I’ve had enough.

Big Issue Simon comes up and asks questions about the amp during Albatross, which I carry on playing…

Simon – ‘So, what does it tek, batteries?’

Me – ‘Yeah, six double A’s’.

Simon – ‘Really? Does it do rechargeable ones?’

Me – ‘I don’t know’.

Simon – ‘How long do they last?’

Me – ’24 hours’.

Simon – ‘Right…what make are they?’

Me – ‘They’re called Industrial. They used to be Procell but now they’re called Industrial’.

Simon – ‘Right…where do you get them?’

Me – ‘On the ebay thing. They don’t sell them in shops’.

Simon – ‘Yeah, great amp…and this (goes for the GAIN control knob)…you can (turns it right up, making it really loud for a couple of seconds. I must have looked worried)…it’s OK, don’t panic, I’m not…’ and he turns it back down, then – ‘So, how much are they, these amps, now?’

Me – ’85, 90 pounds, it’s not too bad…the best thing i ever bought, actually.

He’s a bit annoying, sometimes, is Simon, but he’s always polite and it’s always ‘Take care, my friend’ at the end.

A smelly Drongo woman with a dog walks up up and says ‘What a beautiful day – The Levellers’. I say ‘They’re not singing about today’. She says ‘Well, I always think it works better in the rain’. Oh, shut up you silly Drongo twit!

Earnings: £7.40p

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