Diary Of A Busker Day 190

Diary Of A Busker Day 190 Friday January 13th Winchester High Street (outside Debenhams, Time: 3:10-4:10pm).

       It seems like only yesterday (because it was) when I was bemoaning and mourning the apparent death of my short lived local celebrity, when, just after I start, a woman comes up and says “Are you the chap who sometimes writes for the Chronicle?” So that’ll teach me… …sometime later, a much older woman wearing a wooly hat (it really is cold today) stops down and inspects the sign taped to my bucket. Then, interupting my playing – something that drives me insane – says “You need a board behind you that says you play weddings, or people won’t know – they can’t see that (pointing to the bucket).” “What – you mean a big cardboard sign?” “Yes – to put behind you.” “Really big, you mean?” “Hm, yes – or would that be just something else you have to carry around with you?” “Hm…, yeah – it would be. But I take your point. Maybe I’ll write out the sign on the bucket, with WEDDINGS a bit bigger than the rest, which is not a bad idea as, out of all the things I’ve got on the “avaialble for” sign – weddings, bars, restaurants, parties, bar mitzvahs…bat mitzvahs, I only ever get asked about doing weddings.

    After an hour – a long one, as it’s very cold, I pack up. On the way through town the friendly, sometimes lazy (“I can’t be arsed begging tonight”) homeless guy hands me a well-worn small packet – “It warms your hands, see…” It does, but I’ve had enough -it’s too little, too late…too cold.

Earnings:£10.84p. (+ one US dime – 10 cents).

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