Diary Of A Busker Day 493

Diary Of A Busker Day 493 Monday January 13th 2014 Winchester (Opposite Vodafone, Time: 1:42-2:48pm).

Two songs in, during La Vie En Rose, the doc alights from the jewellers. He’s the one who told me to ‘ease off a bit’ a few days ago – ha!

A woman, mid-sixties: another regular-whose-name-I-don’t-know, asks me if I’m alright and – ‘You look like you’ve lost some weight’. I say I’m alright, but I’ve gained some facial hair, maybe that’s it. She puts her hand to her top lip (don’t worry lady, you haven’t got one, yet) and says ‘Oh yes, maybe that’s it’. However, I don’t believe she’s convinced, as ten minutes later, she returns and plops an ‘Eat Natural’ bar of nuts and fruit with, according to the wrapper, ‘cashews, blueberries and a yoghurt coating’, in the bucket, which – I have to say – annoys me a bit: I’m not homeless, I DO have food, etc.

I sell a CD! First one in weeks!! It’s to a man who listens outside the Vodafone entrance. He hears two songs: Satie’s 1st Gnossienne, and the Elvis number, before he comes over, so I award them joint Song Of The Day status. He has a look at both CDs, then says ‘So it’s £8 for both of them?’ Silly man. I say ‘No, no, £8 for the one that’s got twenty songs, £5 for the other one’.

During Twelve-String Shuffle, a man comes across, donates and says ‘Cheers, you cheered me up, mate’, so I extend the tune in the hope it might bring forth a similar response from any other person…it didn’t. I forgot to say, it’s Monday, so Colin and his bloody loud trumpet are down at Marks & Spencer, and even way down there, he’s a bit loud for me up here. Anyway, after he’s done, he walks past and says ‘Not a very good time of year, is it?’ Me: ‘Nope’. Him: ‘People are a bit, you know…’ Tight is the word he’s looking for.

A guy with a guitar comes up, so I ask if he wants to set up here. If so ‘I’ll be gone in (I look at my watch, thinking an hour’s gone so I’ll be going soon, but only 45 minutes have gone!)…about twenty-five minutes (then, realising Colin’s just left)…but you can set up down there, at Marks & Spencer’. He says ‘Oh, has that guy gone?’ I say ‘Yeah, Colin and his trumpet’. He says ‘Cheers, I might do that’. A few minutes later I can hear a weird din behind my playing, like some metal work going on. I look down and it’s this bloke – and he’s the same one who was about the other day. He had his guitar on his lap, doing the incredibly fast (and pointless) tapping stuff. But he hasn’t gone as far as Marks & Spencer – he’s about half-way, so I pack up, which is OK, that’s more than an hour.

On the way up, I pass behind those three ukelele girls. When I was coming in, there was only one, playing a sort of mini tuba. Now there’s the lot. I don’t know what it is, but whenever I hear them, I just want to give them a slap and say ‘Can you please piss off, with your silly ukeleles and your cute-sy, dippy, basic harmonies. If you’re going to do that, at least put a 7th in there once in a while’.

Earnings: £15.89p (+ one CD)


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