Diary Of A Busker Day 544

Diary Of A Busker Day 544 Monday April 14th 2014 (1. Opposite Gieves & Hawkes, Time: 4:30-5:05pm, 2. Opposite Vodafone, Time: 5:12-5:40pm, 3. Opposite Pavilion, Time: 5L45-6:16pm).

Thinking about it, I don’t usually come in on Mondays, but what the hell. Opposite The Butter Cross, there’s a man playing a whistle or flute, so that’s out, and there are a couple of young strummers near Vodafone. I’d been at Pavilion yesterday so I decided to go down the road…as I was setting up, Scouser Mick turned up and asked how it was going. He was on his way into the cathedral grounds. I said it was a late one – I’d just got there. He’s a generous bloke, he tried to give me a pound in secret: he kept his arm to his side, hand at 90 degrees, while leaning in to me, like I’d just bought some drugs off him! He said ‘I’m no Rockerfeller!’

He did the usual, which asked if I’d learned Wonderful Land, so I had to again apologise for not learning it, because I said I would. By that time, I’d set up, so he asked for Apache, which he knows I know!, although today was the first time I’d started with that one, as I like to slowly crank up the volume on the way to that.

I then demonstrated how important reverb is/was in some of the songs, like Apache, and to really show how important it is, I played a bit of Albatross without it, then with it. Before and after, as it were, and he was amazed at the difference. Before the reverb, it was almost unlistenable – it doesn’t work. But with it, it’s suddenly…ALBATROSS! Mick said ‘Yeah, I see…reverb is King!’ Anyway, I promised to have a go learning Wonderful Land.

After 35 minutes, it was a bit slow so I did a count-up: just under £5, so I packed up and walked up the road. The flute guy was still at The Butter Cross – he was playing Yellow Submarine! But the young strummer guys were gone, so I set up at Vodafone, although that didn’t even last half an hour – I got about £3. So…back up the road and to Pavilion, where I was sure it was going to be the session where I got nothing, zero coinage, as it was 20 minutes before the first donation, from a man holding a toddler. He’d been sitting outside The Eclipse and he’d come up the road to donate.

Then there were about four more donations and that was it. I didn’t want to stay longer than a quarter past six, anyway. When I went past The Butter Cross, the flute guy was still there.

Earnings: £16.55p

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