Diary Of A Busker Day 572

Diary Of A Busker Day 572 Friday June 13th 2014 Winchester (Opposite Pavilion, Time: 1:55-3:10pm).

Only one session today, due to the lesson at 4 o’clock. Song Of The Day – Here Comes The Sun, once again. One of it’s contributors was a man who gave £3. He was one of the dads of someone Jude went to school with at Western. Quite a friendly bloke, but he talks really quickly and quietly so I can never make out what he’s saying. I was always saying ‘Sorry?’ while he was talking to me.

Anyway, he’s smiling away and he says something but I can’t make it out so he has to say it again…and he was saying ‘You’re very talented, very talented’, which made me embarrassed that I’d made him repeat it. Well, I said ‘Thank you, sir’, although I’ve never called him ‘sir’ before! It’s just what I say out here, but it’s stupid – ‘sir’, as if I’m talking to a knight or some bloody lord!

Twenty minutes in, a bloke pulls up in a van, right in front of me. He takes a couple of plastic boxes out the back and disappears through the alley to the High Street. A bit rude, I thought, but I dragged my stuff three feet to the right so I could just clear the back of his van. He came back awhile later and went off but I stayed where I was. It was a shame about the guitar lesson because I made double the usual amount here and could have done with doing another session somewhere else.

Earnings: £26.00 (+ 1 USA dime)

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