Diary Of A Busker Day 614

Diary Of A Busker Day 614 Sunday August 17th 2014 Winchester (Opposite Pavilion, Time: 3:17-3:45pm).

A non-event, due to the event of a cycle race in town. There were barriers all along the High Street and Market Street, near Pavilion, that goes down to Gieves & Hawkes. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about it till I came into town or I wouldn’t have bothered. Because there were loads of people at the barriers on the High Street, the only place I could set up was at the Pavilion spot…but they had loudspeakers set up everywhere, blasting out that song ‘Happy’, which is everywhere these days. And then, when there wasn’t some twat rambling on about what 14 year old had just come in 3rd, there was music being played. Fortunately, it wasn’t too loud, which was why I decided to set up.

But I got no money. What happened was I was able to get three songs in before the bloke on the P.A. started up. These were La Vie En Rose, Chinatown, and The Third Man – all certified crowd favourites, of course. But not today. Not a penny from ANYONE at the barriers or restaurants or The Eclipse, down the road. Too many walking about with coffee cups and Lycra for my liking, actually. Then a load of bikes came around the corner and the bloke on the P.A. started up again. So I stopped, then he stopped, so I started up and got through Windy & Warm and 30 seconds of Albertross (ha)…then he started up again so I stopped.

After five minutes, I asked a man near me, with a 18 thousand speed bike, if he knew when the fiasco was ending. He looked at his program and said ten past six, so I thought, ‘This is silly, I’m going home!’

Earnings: £0.00


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