Diary Of A Busker Day 641

Diary Of A Busker Day 641 Friday October 3rd 2014 Winchester (Opposite Oxfam, Time: 2:25-4:37pm).

First time in since my near-breakdown on Monday and I definitely needed the few days off. The weather’s still fine: temperature warm, but it’s changing over the weekend, apparently.

I was mildly offended when, after 45 minutes, a family of three: man, woman, teenage daughter – who’d been sitting listening on the bench opposite from the start, got up and walked off. I thought one of them would have come over to show some appreciation in the form of coinage, but, alas, it was not to be!

After an hour, Song Of The Day status was awarded to Horizons – played the usual twice over as I usually mess it up the 1st time – as it got 5 donations – FIVE! The final contributor, who must have not heard the 1st part, said, ‘You make me feel like taking my guitar and spiking it on my knee’. Spiking it on my knee? What the hell does that mean? It sounds bloody painful, whatever it is.

Delia turned up – I hadn’t seen her for a few weeks. She doesn’t like the men who turn up to work on the scaffolding, on the building she’s in. They start shouting at each other early in the morning. I said if they swear, she should report them! No swearing, though, just shouting, she says. She says after she saw me the last time, on the bus going past where I was, she waved at me like mad but I never saw!

I got a request. A woman asked if I could play Anjie for her husband, so I gave her the Focal Dystonia part of the Hard Luck Story – ‘To play Anjie, I need three working fingers on the right hand, and I’ve got two’. However, as she’s walking off, I give it a go…and find I can do the main bit not too badly. I think it helps that I’ve been playing over an hour so I’m pretty loosened up (I kept the head down, though). I even got a donation from a young guy, who said, ‘Bert Jansch!’, so I might persist with it.

Earnings: £28.83p

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