Diary Of A Busker Day 652

Diary Of A Busker Day 652 Monday October 20th 2014 Winchester (Opposite Oxfam, Time: 12:58-1:48pm).

That girl singer/songwriter – she’s very nice although a bit boring – was at The Butter Cross, and that big brown UPS van was around the corner at Pavilion, so I was banished down to the arse-end.

During albatross, an old guy makes conversation – ‘Is that…who was it…Santos?’ – he’s thinking of Santo And Johnny’s Sleep Walk. Others have mistaken Albatross for that, too. So I say ‘Sleep Walk, you mean, Santo And Johnny. No, this is Albatross’. Then, looking at the guitar, he says ‘Ah…ooh, that’s old, how old’s that?’  I say ‘It’s not an old one…well, ten years. Not an American one, Korean’. He says ‘Oh, is it? Looks old, doesn’t it?’ He then moves on to the amp – ‘They are good, aren’t they?’ Me – ‘Yeah, it’s great’. He – ‘Yeah, not like the old days withe those big, heavy things’. Me – ‘No, it’s great. Six batteries it takes, double A’s’. He – ‘Oh yeah? How long they last?’ Me – ‘Duracell Procell, twelve hours, great…that’s a long time’. He – ‘Yes…really?’ Me – ‘Yeah (then I make a mistake – I’m still doing Albatross as we speak)…oh, I messed that up’. He – ‘Oh sorry, I’ll leave you to it’.

At the 50 minute mark, it started raining so I packed up, then, as I was driving off, it eased off…of course! I thought I’d take the camera to the photographic shop and do the one day service, fortunately only taking half an hour today. I had to find somewhere else as they’ve stopped doing it at Boots. So I locked the bike up, went down the road to the shop, ordered the photos and realised I’d left the amp on the back of the bike! It was still there on my return but I thought of the time I left the guitar in Boots – strangely enough – when I was at one of the photocopying machines, after I heard Henry Gray had died. Anyway, I didn’t feel like doing anymore…and my left hip was hurting, so I came home.

Earnings: £8.10p

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