Diary Of A Busker Day 682

Diary Of A Busker Day 682 Sunday January 11th 2015 Winchester (1. Opposite The Body Shop, Time: 1:17-2:38pm, 2. Opposite Oxfam, Time: 3:05-4:35pm).

After an hour and 10 minutes at the seldom used Body Shop spot, I took a toilet break and compared the two hand driers…and the Steibel Eltron won “hands down” over the Warner Herald one, for the one reason: that it disgorges HOT air! So that’s my choice of drier from now until April, or whenever spring starts. Probably May. Also, while conducting my experiment, I received a compliment from the man on the other drier. He said he really liked my version of The Rain Song. Oh yes, it’s all happening in the toilets today.

Outside, while trying to decide where to set up, that weird, tall, white-bearded bloke cornered me. He said ‘I’ve seen that guy – Russell. You know, that idiot that bothered you. I’ve seen him a couple of times’. So I said ‘Well, I hope I don’t see him again’, and he said ‘Oh, you won’t. If he so much as looks at you, he’s going to prison…I love your playing, it’s so nice’, and with that he walks off!

Down at Oxfam, BrYan appeared again. I’d seen him at the first spot. He stopped to say hello and even donated. I bet he feels bad after his ‘same old stuff’ comment just before Christmas. He sat down opposite but had gone when I looked up a couple of minutes later.

Around 4 o’clock, the bloke who hands out the God leaflets outside the Gospel Hall turned up. In fact, it was good in a way, as he came over and requested While My Guitar Gently Weeps. I had a feeling he would, so it sort of forced me to do it – I hadn’t done it in weeks. Anyway, I said I’d do it but forgot to apologise for any mistakes which may occur, but fortunately it was OK. I only messed up the beginning – when the electric guitar comes in on the record. But the rest was fine – I couldn’t believe I remembered it.

After I finished it, the God bloke came over again, this time to ask if I would like a cup of tea. He said they’d started serving it in the hall at 4 o’clock – a few minutes ago. Now, all this is a cunning ploy to get me to ‘go with God’. It won’t work, and anyway, the memory of that awful cup of tea from way back is still quite fresh in my mind.

Earnings: £31.01p (+ 1 silver Chinese coin. YIM MANG, I think it says on it).

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