Day 2367

Diary Of A Busker Day 2367 Thursday May 9th 2024.
A sunny day – the third in a row and I was toying with the idea of going to Reading but couldn’t face it in the end…so, into town…and the Buttercross is free but I don’t fancy it, so through the alleyway and to The Square but there’s a bloke I’ve never seen before playing there…down at the crossroads is Meeta and down a bit further is the shouting fruit and veg man but I have to say after 14 years, he’s getting a bit hoarse.
So it’s back up the road and after an hour and a half and a paltry coinage count of £10, I’ve had enough, pack up and come home for a long break.
Back in town, still no one at the Buttercross but fuck that, I’ll have a look around the corner as that bloke’s probably gone now…and sure enough, he is! Unfortunately, Rick Tarrant has leaped in there. He must have been looming round the corner, waiting. Meeta’s still at her usual spot so it’s back up the road again.
There’s a man and his toddler daughter sitting on the monument while I’m setting up. He’s seen me many times before and asks my name. His is Sam and his daughter is Edith. After my second number, The Lambeth Walk, Sam says Edith thought part of it sounded like The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round.
Again, the coinage is painfully slow…and then, just after Albatross, an old lady comes by a drops a fiver in.
Old lady –  ‘I haven’t seen you in ages.’
Me (not recognising her) – ‘No, I was wondering where you were, too.’
‘Oh, I’ve been in hospital – I’ve got a new ankle.’
‘Oh wow, it’a amazing what they can do, isn’t it?’
‘Yes, but now my other ankle has to get used to it. Anyway, you always make my day…let’s have a kiss!’ She leans towards my face and I present my cheek.
‘You always remind me of my uncle!’ she says, choking up as she walks away.
Must be the white beard. Surely there’s some money to be made here. I could be a whore for old ladies. 
A bit later, posh Sarah comes up and holds out a punnet of strawberries 
‘Do you want these?’
‘Why, don’t you?’
‘Well, no but I got three for a fiver from the market and I only need two.’
‘Oh, you mean the bloke down there.’
‘Alright then!’ and I put them behind the case so they don’t heat up in the sun.
Late on, near the end, just after I’ve started Julia Florida, I notice Nina videoing me from across the way. In fact, I haven’t even done a video of Julia Florida myself, so it’s a debut. After, she comes across – she knew the name of the piece and says she’ll put it up later and she’ll send me the link. 
For this favour, I feel I should give her something, but what…? 
‘Simone, would you like these strawberries? They were given to me but you can have them?’
‘You sure?’
‘Yeah, have them.’
If Sarah asks me if I liked them, I’ll just have to say they were delicious. 

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