Diary Of A Busker Day 564

Diary Of A Busker Day 564 Tuesday May 27th 2014 Winchester (1. Opposite Vodafone, Time: approximately one hour 25 minutes, 2. Opposite Pavilion, Time: one and a half hours. Exact times not recorded)

I had two proper paying gigs – last Tuesday and Saturday, so I didn’t bother coming into town for over a week. In fact, I was a bit worried I might not remember a lot of stuff but it was OK, the only problem being the hands – the right one in particular – being out of practise…so I should have probably left out Dixie McGuire, Deve Ser Amor, and one or two others.

I was going for an hour and a half for the 1st spot, and it was going well until I heard a racket moving towards me from the right, and upon investigation – meaning a slight turning of the head! – I discovered it to be four Hare Krishnas banging on their drums, and one had a small accordion-like thing. I had to stop as they were getting louder than me, and then they stopped about 20 feet away at the crossroads, and didn’t look like they were going anywhere, so I thought about it and decided to pack up, as I was going to anyway, after another 10 minutes. Strange, I don’t thing I’ve ever seen that lot here before.

I didn’t have a break, apart from the time it took to walk up to The Butter Cross, turn left through the alley and start up at Pavilion, upon which, the wide-open door was promptly shut. Then there was a fire alarm, not only loud, but loud enough to almost drive me mental over about 20 minutes. It felt like it was getting louder and louder, but it wasn’t…apart from in my brain of angriness and intolerance! I think it was coming from the museum near the cathedral grounds entrance, diagonally across from me.

I stuck it out, though…and was rewarded with a CD sale. It was a man of about 60, with his wife, who were waiting for their daughter to turn up. They came up after California Girls but liked my rendition of Girl – not Californian, Rubber Soulian! – so I’m going to make that Song Of The Day.

I stopped after exactly an hour and a half, which, together with the 1st set, made it up to almost 3 hours: long enough after more than a week off. Besides, the joint in my left thumb (there’s a film there) was starting to hurt, and I’ve got to watch that.

Earnings: £34.81p (Including one £9 CD)

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