Diary Of A Busker Day 648

Diary Of A Busker Day 648 Tuesday October 14th 2014 Winchester (Opposite Oxfam, Time: 2:42-3:48pm).

It’s…Graduation Day! There’s loads of people…well, mainly young ones of the female sort, walking about with those hats that look like mortar boards. It’s a slow start, as it often is: a full FIVE songs before the first donation, from a man in a light-coloured jacket and matching trousers, about my age I reckon (the man, not the trousers). He comes up and says ‘Do you know Wonderful Land?’, which was weird as I did it two songs ago, so I say ‘Yeah, you must have heard me. I did it five minutes ago’. But he says ‘No, I didn’t hear you. I just wondered if you did it’. Anyway, I said I’d do it again – I didn’t mind, I mean, it’s only a minute and 50 seconds, and a request is a request…so I played it while he listened on the bench…

…and he’s there for the rest of the set, apart from the last 3 songs. In fact, he’s my saviour because he ends up buying a CD! I think he feels like he should. He said ‘I thought “I’ve been here all this time, I should come over and buy something”‘. To which I replied ‘I wish everyone was like that, I’d be able to retire!’ Not quite retire…maybe for a few weeks. But my point was, so many sit there the whole time I’m here – and some of them I know are enjoying it. I mean, you don’t tap your foot to something you don’t enjoy, do you? – and they just get up and walk off. No donation.¬†Anyway, after buying the CD, he said ‘Now, I must find my daughter’. She must be one of the hundreds in graduation mode/apparel. That must be why my man’s wearing a suit.

I came down on the reserve bike today. The one I was bidding on the same time as the 1982 Superbe…and I won it. Today’s the only time I’ve ridden it since I picked it up and had that horrendous ride from Highgate to Waterloo, and it only went in 3rd gear. I just thought I should get it out and air it now and again. But it needs sorting out a bit. One of the back brake pads is more or less stuck against the rim, and it’s like dragging a heavy weight behind me. It was a real job to get anywhere. I had to walk up all the hills and I was knackered when I got home! And the saddle needs tilting…

Earnings: £16.46p (Including 1 CD)

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