Diary Of A Busker Day 649

Diary Of A Busker Day 649 Wednesday October 15th 2014 Winchester (Opposite Bellis/O2, Time: 4:25-5:25pm).

I was brave enough to venture out while the rain – or drizzle rather – took a break. Fortunately, the undercover Pentice/Butter Cross place, which I hadn’t been for awhile, was free. The first half-hour was OK, weather-wise: temperature – a bit chilly, but not too cold. The main problem was the dampness in the air, which got in the way of the playing, as the strings and neck had that weird sticky feel.

The rain started in earnest in the last 20 minutes, so I had to move everything back a foot or so and bring the bucket in as there was a small pool forming inside it! One man opted for putting his donation – a generous 20p – on top of my stuff next to me, which was almost dry. But there was hardly anyone about, which was a shame as I did the contrary-motion bit on Tzena Tzena Tzena right for the first time. And during a particularly ferocious downpour, a man came undercover and said ‘Hang in there, Marvin!’, and I’ve got no idea who he was.

I also premiered a new song, or rather a new riff: Ventilator Blues by The Rolling Stones, which I was teaching Tom and Owen to play yesterday. I did it at the end of the open-G-tuning section, although it requires only the A-string to be dropped. I was thinking of debuting Sukiyaki, which I’m learning off a kid on youtube, a Mr. Shazzam, but I need a bit more with that before it’s fit for public consumption.

Like yesterday, I came in with the old bike but the brake pad is still touching the rim. I thought I’d sorted it out. Also, when the amp is on the rack, I think it’s coming into contact with the brake mechanism and I think that’s got something to do with it. I sorted the saddle out and pumped the tyres up, though.

Earnings: £11.17p

(The thing is, the brakes on the old bike are really good, so it’s better on the way in, which is all downhill, so I need the brakes. But the really nice green bike’s better on the hills, coming back. Ideally, I need to take BOTH BIKES: the old one for the trip in and the other one for the way back…No, that’s an insane idea!)

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