Diary Of A Busker Day 659

Diary Of A Busker Day 659 Monday October 27th 2014 Winchester (Opposite Oxfam, Time: 2:45-4:41pm).

When, at 9 o’clock, I did the weekly trip to the bank with the coinage, that girl singer had her stuff set up at The Butter Cross. I don’t know where she was but she’d clearly put a claim on the spot. Five hours later, she’s still there! I don’t think even Rob Berry’s there that long. (The other thing I did while in town was to buy a white – or cream, rather – dinner jacket, £29.99 from Oxfam. I’ve been trying to get one for about 20 years – like Humphrey Bogart’s in Casablanca, although I’ve just remembered his was double-breasted…)

I sold a CD early on, and the man didn’t want any change from a £10 note. I like it when that happens! That weird shoe fetish freak walked by. The one who came up before and started touching my shoe when I was tapping my foot. Today he walks by, and every few seconds as he’s walking away from me, he turns and looks at me or my feet. It cracked me up in the end. I mean, it carried on until I could barely see him. What’s all that about?!

Brian came by – on foot, not on his bike. He asked if I knew Midnight In Moscow. I said I didn’t but I’ve spent midnight in Moscow, after that bizarre gig in that millionaire’s village in May 2007*. I had the best vodka ever and I was sure I wrote the name of it down somewhere but I can’t remember where! Then, back at the ‘digs’ – do people still use that word? – in my underpants, getting drinks from the deserted little bar, soon to be joined by partner in crime Nick Bird, similarly attired. The things you get up to! I didn’t go into any of that with Brian, though.

He said, ‘Anyway, you alright? How you getting on?’ I said I was OK. He said, ‘People aren’t, though, are they? They’re all over there’, meaning they’re all on the other side of the road. Most were but there were still enough this side. It doesn’t mean anything, though: how many people are about. Brian then went off, saying, ‘Look after that’, nodding at my bike and patting me on the shoulder.

A huge bunch of schoolgirls passed and they all clapped! No donations, though. I think they’re probably told not to by their chaperone(?) or whoever’s in charge. And a sad moment. A bloke a bit older than me said, ‘You’re wearin’ your black armband for Jack Bruce!’ I wasn’t. I just had the usual garb for this time of year, namely the black corduroy jacket/coat…although I could probably get away with the lighter one as the temperature’s still so mild. Anyway, there was only one thing for it: the riff to Sunshine Of Your Love, played just once…all four seconds of it.

Earnings: £28.45p (Including 1 CD)

* Outside the Chester Ferry pub, Nicolino, east of Moscow.

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